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Kobido Interviews

How would you define your Kobido experience to someone who has not had this fabulous treatment yet ?

During the treatment, the continuous sweeping waves of massage combined with the essential oils were so smooth and relaxing. After the treatment my facial muscles felt like they had a work out, I experienced a lifting feeling sensation around the cheeks and jawline.I felt a kind of dynamic relaxation, both relaxed and energized.

Kathryn, Qigong-flow Instructor

Kobido is a very relaxing experience, and sensations are completely different from traditional massages on the whole body, due to the combination of complex skin touches.


It’s an amazing face massage experienced that perfectly brought me into Japanese culture! All the moves on my face were so delicate and smooth, minimal touch but great impact. Plus, I can feel the difference right after that. The greatest thing is that I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep even I tried to resist it because I wanted to know where and how my face was massaged 😉

Rida, city planning phd student

Kobido is a continuous & soft flow, with sometimes very quick hand movements, like dancing hands : a beautiful choreography!

Jimena, Clinical Research Project Manager

A really smooth and rhythmic facial massage, un moment de bien-être, which creates deep relaxation. It is an amazing taditional Japanese massage!


A different kind of facial massage that helps you to lift the skin of the face and reactivate different zones of the face while you are relaxing.

ELISE, Inbound advisor, designer, photographer

Kobido is unlike other facial treatments because of the unique movements that repeat. It’s like a mini workout for the face, it gets hot with great blood flow and feels wonderful afterward. It also relaxes the whole body.


Kobido connects you to deep Japanese traditions! It’s fascinating and makes the treatment with Ginny a journey into Japan culture! It is a super-efficient and non-invasive face lift and skincare, probably the most comfortable facial one could dream of! After receiving a Kobido treatment, you do feel like your face has gotten a workout. You can literally feel muscles in your face that feel tighter, but what’s so interesting is that while receiving Kobido you’re so relaxed that you can literally fall asleep!


Another Japanese traditional “道”, the path of the Art of Face [道 means do, « the path », like ju-do, aiki-do etc :)]. Sophisticated, smooth, delicate, and detailed

MAYUKO, Inbound tourism industry freelance

It’s an extremely relaxing experience that left my skin feeling fresh and new!

Victoria, english teacher

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