Hi, thank you so much for your interest in Kobido®, and offering me an opportunity to practice in close-to-real conditions! 

Hereafter please find useful information for your soon-to-come Kobido®  session : 

Kobido Facial in Tokoname, Aichi, Japan.  By Virginie Mauz

Kobido Treatment performed in Tokonome © BenWeller

Nagoya-Shi, Meito-Ku, Yutakagaoka
I pinned our house at the following link :

Indications :

Our house is located at one of the corners of Yutakagaoka Koen (Yutakagaoka Park, 豊が丘公園)
It is a brownish brick-style house with a grey concrete tower. 
Usually, you will see my mamachari bike parked in front as well as a green kid’s bike. 

10’ to 15’ walk from Fujigaoka metro station.
5’ walk from the Yutakagaoka bus stop.
We have 3 parking slots at our place so you can park easily if you are driving. 

How to prepare for your Kobido® session : 

Please refrain from eating 2 hours before the treatment… and indulge into a healthy nourishing meal afterwards!! 🙂

Wear comfortable clothes. 

In particular : 

  • Fitting tank top from which you can easily lower the straps to turn it into a bustier. 
  • Your favorite towel if you’d like to be wearing a towel around your bust rather than clothes. 

Kobido®  adresses both the face and the décolleté area, in order to activate the facial lymph system down to the upper-chest area. 

Other tips : 

The Kobido®  treatment has to be done without make-up. I can lend you cotton pads and gentle cleanser / oil / flower water if needed prior to the session. 

To lubricate and hydrate the skin during the treatment, I will be typically using a mix of pure and organic cold-pressed herbal oil, organic aloe vera gel, flower water and possibly essential oil. I will propose personalized suggestions according to your skin type and condition (i.e. herbal water, essential oils). 

If you think you might have any issues using these products (in particular if you suffer from serious acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin sensitivity) please inform me prior to the session so we can adapt the product I use to accomodate your needs. Similarly, please inform me of any specific body / skin condition I should be aware of before performing the treatment. 

Project and Pricing

I perform Aroma-Kobido. My performance aims at offering you a top-class holistic health and well-being with long-lasting effects on the body, face and soul. My treatment guarantee you :

  • an authentic Kobido Treatment, with therapeutic, aesthetic and well-being benefits,
  • the use of tailored herbal medicinal extracts as treatment lotion, my aroma-therapeutical skills being in constant improvement thanks to my 3 years journey to become a certified Phytotherapist
  • a custom-made treatment, adapting to your health & skin conditions, but also to your current emotional / hormonal and mental conditions.

To stay tuned with my project, you can follow me on my blog (in French) & social media

This Kobido Camp is the 3rd I am performing in Nagoya. I have finished Level 3 Kobido Training with Master Shogo Mochizuki. I will obtain a certificate soon, and be a licensed practitioner after finishing level 4. Today, I perform and master an array of 120 official Kobido signature techniques, directly taught to me by the 26th Master of House and lineage of Kobido, Tokyo

The treatment I propose lasts about 45’.

A Kobido facial treatment performed by a licensed practitioner typically lasts 60 to 90 minutes and in average costs between 15.000 to 20.000 yen. 

For now, I don’t wish (and don’t have the proper structure) to have a fixed fee, but my treatment is donation-based

Your support will allow me to choose and make the best skincare products, and help me pursue my apprenticeship under frequent mentoring of Master Shogo Mochizuki

Thank you very much! 

I am looking forward to practicing the Art of Kobido with you, and introducing this fabulous treatment to you! 


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